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Visitor Login

Visitor login is a way to keep certain pages and information protected from unauthorized users.  If you sell products at wholesale, for example, you will need a way for people to login and purchase items at different pricing and view different information.  Creating a wholesale login for your website takes a couple of steps.
  1. Create 'Wholesale Landing Page' where people will be directed after they login.  Place content on this page you would like your wholesale customers to see after logging in (e.g. news, specials, etc.).
  2. Click User Accounts, and below 'Visitor Access,' click Restricted Pages.  Check the box next to the 'Wholesale Landing Page' you created.
  3. Create 'Wholesale Login' link from the page of your choice... linking them to the 'Wholesale Landing Page.'

Now, when you are not logged in and try to click on the Wholesale Login link, it will prompt you for a username and password.

Since you will be required to create a 'Visitor Account' for each person to login, we recommend that you also create a Wholesale Sign Up Form' where people can submit their information to you.