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Professional Services

At Like Sew Websites, we will teach you all that you need to know in order to make your website look great and get noticed by the search engines.  We also realize that in many cases you might feel comfortable, or simply don't want to take the time to do it.  If you feel that you would rather pay someone to take care of adding content to your website or improving the search engin optimization (SEO), then we have some great solutions for you.

In addition to our regular design services (website, logo, etc.), we also provide content creation and SEO services.  To learn more about these services, please see below.

If you would like to speak to someone about these services, or if you have any questions, please call us at (877) 909-6699.

Professional Content Creation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The content we write is specifically created to draw in customers as it targets search engines and promotes readability. By incorporating links, images, keywords, and other techniques into our writing, we enhance your website’s appeal, increase its usability, and improve its visibility with search engines.

The content creation process is easy and requires little effort from you.

1.  Phone Consultation

The first step is to set up a phone consultation. At this consultation we will discuss your business and what you would like to see happen with your website. We then work together to decide which pages should be written first and what information they should include. If you are not sure what pages you would like us to create for you, we would be happy to give you multiple ideas to choose from.

2.  We Create Your Content

Once you decide which pages you would like us to create, we will create the content.  As we do this, we make sure to include keywords that will draw attention from search engines.  We will email the content to you for review during the process.

3.  Follow Up Appointment

After we create your content, we will follow up to discuss the pages we've written and other pages you would like to work on.  We will continue this process for as many pages as you need.

4.  Publish the Content to Your Site

We can then publish the content on your site so that you don't need to.  As we post it we will use pictures, links, and tables to help the page look aesthetically pleasing.

NOTE:  You would need to provide the images we would use on this page.

To contact our writer directly:

Holly Wade
(801) 652-0758
Making the most of your online presence means working hard on your SEO.  If you put in at least 4 hours a month of quality SEO work, your traffic will significantly increase.  Don't have that kind of time?  Let Like Sew's pro team do your SEO for you!

Click here to view your pricing options!  Packages that include SEO work are the Max and Premium packages.  You can also look at the SEO Fast-Start one-time fee if you just want to get the initial SEO work done by our team and then maintain your SEO yourself.