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Product Module

If you plan to sell product on your website, the Product Module is what you will use to sell.  The product module works like many of the other modules on your website.  You click on "Manage Modules" and then work with the product module.  Then when you are ready to add products to your website, you can simply add the product module to a page. 

If you want to remove your products from your website for some reason, just delete the module from the page and all of your product information will remain in the back-end for later use.

Basic Training
Learn the basics of using the products module.  This training reviews the simple process of adding products to your website.
Advanced Training
Learn about some of the more advanced tools used in the product module.
Creating Categories
One of the most difficult things about adding products to a website is trying to figure out how to order them.  You want to make sure that your visitors can find what they are looking for quickly, and properly categorizing your products is the only way to ensure that this happens.
Product Upload
The Product Upload is a premium module.  It is extremely useful if you are carrying more than a couple hundred products.  It makes managing your products much less time consuming.