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PayPal Solutions

PayPal is the most trusted online payment solution available.  A while back, PayPal made it so that you did not have to have a PayPal account to pay for something.  Since then, it has become the most popular and commonly used website payment solution. Allowing you to use any Credit Card, Debit Card, and even e-check.

We have integrated with PayPal so that all we need is your PayPal email address and people will be able to purchase products from your website.  Setting up a business PayPal account is free and easy.  There are other configurations that may be needed on PayPal's end, so these trainings should help with understanding the basics.

For more detailed support, we recommend contacting PayPal directly at (888) 221-1161.

PayPal Setup
Set up a free business PayPal account.
Initial Configuration
When you first create a PayPal account, there are some initial configurations that need to be addressed before the account can be used.
Setup Shipping Charges
Shipping for your products is currently calculated on PayPal's site.  Be sure to set this up so that you don't under-charge.
Selling Preferences
This area will show you how to customize things like requiring the client to enter a phone number at purchase.
Create Additional Buttons
Sometimes the default 'Add to Cart' button in the product module doesn't get the jobe done.  Learn how to create your own custom buttons, and add them to any page on your site.