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Other Useful Resources

On this page you will find training videos dealing with other programs that are not part of the CMS.  However, we do not claim to be experts on these third-party applications. 

You are welcome to call us for basic support with these programs/applications, but for more detailed support, your best bet will be to contact the provider of the service (i.e. For help with Microsoft Outlook, contact Microsoft Support).

Google Applications

Google offers a number of useful applications that provide excellent services. (Google Docs, Google Analytics, etc.)


PayPal is the #1 preferred merchant by online consumers, and also how your customers will purchase product from your website.

Outlook  (and other mail clients)

Outlook is a program that downloads your emails from the web so that you have access to them from your computer.  There are several other mail clients available as well.


Firefox is the preferred web browser to use when editing your website.


YouTube is an application that will allow you to post videos on the web, and that also ties in with social networking.