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Newsletter Signup Module

This is a module that does not need to be managed, and will only appear as an option when you click Add Content on one of your web pages.  We recommend the following with this module:
  1. Place it somewhere prominent on the website (e.g. Home Page) and feel free to add it to multiple pages.
  2. Customize the signup response.  When someone signs up for your email list, an automated email gets sent to them.  If you are a quilt store, we will send them a free quilt pattern.  If you are another type of store and would like something other than a "Thank you" email sent to them, please let us know and we will be happy to customize that message.
IMPORTANT:  The only module that is integrated with your website email list is the 'Newsletter Signup' module.  Trying to create a signup form using the forms module will gather the information, but it won't automatically add the emails to your email list.