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New to the System?

You are probably asking yourself, “What do I do now?” First, make sure that you have completed the two items listed on the right. If you are not receiving invitations to our live webinars held every Wednesday, and Saturday, then let us know and we will get your email on the list.

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        New Client Orientation

        Attend CMS Webinar

Install Firefox Browser

Firefox is an internet browser, similar to Safari or Internet Explorer (IE) which come pre-installed on most Mac's and PC's.  It is considered by many to be the best browser available.  We strongly recommend that you use Firefox whenever logging-in to make adjustments to your website.

CMS Introduction

Review the basics of the Content Management System and the most commonly used tools.

Site Navigation

Learn to create web pages.  Create pages in your main navigation, link to other pages, and link directly to files.

Using the Repository

The 'repository' is where every page on your site is stored.  If you want to create a page outside of your main navigation... you will do it through the repository.

User Accounts

Would you like to let others manage your website?  Creating administrative users takes just a couple of minutes.

User Groups

Have you created additional administrative users, but would like to limit what they can edit on the site?  Groups allow you to restrict pages on a group-by-group basis.

Content Module

The content module is the "catch-all" module of the CMS.  Other CMS modules are built for a specific purpose in mind, but the content module is a free-form editor which will allow you to do just about anything.  The more skilled you become with this module, the better your site will look.