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Email Marketing Module

When sending out large amounts of emails in a given day, there is always the chance of branding your domain name as spam.  To avoid this, many people will either spend the time to send out bunches of 50 emails, or use a professional service to save time. 

A newsletter marketing system has been integrated with your website.  This will allow your visitors to submit their emails through your website, and allow you to send emails to everyone on your list(s), directly from your website.  Visit the Newsletter Signup Training to see how people can sign-up for your email list.

There is an additional charge for this service, depending on the size of your email list.

0 - 1000 emails    Included
1001 - 5000 emails $10/mo.
5001 - 10,000 emails $20/mo.
10,001 + Call for quote
Due to the amount of emails we purchase, we are charged less and therefore pass the savings along to you.

Delivery Rates

There are many email marketing systems out there.  Some are more reliable than others, but none can guarantee 100% delivery.  When switching to a new email marketing system, it is important to remember that although you may hear a couple of people say that your email went to their spam box or didn't get delivered, what you won't hear about are the people who weren't getting your emails before, but now are.  We have done testing with a number of newsletters and large lists, and were very pleased with the overall results.

  If you do not wish to use our integrated service, we recommend using a well known service such as iContact or Constant Contact.  If you have your own service through iContact or another service, then you can easily put your own sign-up form on your website.  Please call us if you need assistance.