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Content Module

The content module is the "catch-all" module of the CMS.  Other CMS modules are built for a specific purpose in mind, but the content module is a free-form editor which will allow you to do just about anything.  The more skilled you become with this module, the better your site will look.

Since the content module uses an HTML editor, if you become familiar with creating content using other programs (e.g. Adobe Dreamweaver), then you can simply paste the HTML directly into the editor.

Content Module Basics Learn the basics of using the content module.  This training goes over the essentials so that you can manage your site with little time commitment.
Using Images Uploading images to your website is a necessary skill.  Resize an image so that it doesn't effect page load time.  Place an image within a paragraph of text.  Add a border.  These are all things you will learn here.
Working with Tables Keeping website content clean in orderly is a must.  Tables will help you do just that.
Linking Learn how to create links (hyperlinks).  Linking is something that you will want to use as often as possible.  Linking to photos, files, and pages is a must-have skill when creating content on a web page.
Creating Anchors If you have a page will a lot of information, then anchoring is for you.  Anchors will allow you to create links at the top of a page that will link to somewhere lower on a page.